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void CircuitDocument::slotUpdateConfiguration (  )  [virtual, slot]

Called when the user changes the configuration. This, for example, will tell the CNItems on the canvas to update their configuration.

Reimplemented from ItemDocument.

Definition at line 166 of file circuitdocument.cpp.

References ItemDocument::slotUpdateConfiguration().

      NodeList::iterator nodeEnd = m_nodeList.end();
      for ( NodeList::iterator it = m_nodeList.begin(); it != nodeEnd; ++it )
            (static_cast<ECNode*>((Node*)*it))->setShowVoltageBars( KTLConfig::showVoltageBars() );
      ComponentList::iterator componentsEnd = m_componentList.end();
      for ( ComponentList::iterator it = m_componentList.begin(); it != componentsEnd; ++it )

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